The Rules

As always, Winter COYER is the strict version of COYER. You can keep it simple with these basic rules, or go full in with the twist, which we’ll explain fully via this link

#COYER with Friends 

COYER with friends is essentially a buddy reading challenge. For a book to count for COYER with Friends points, you have to pick another COYER participant to Buddy Read it with.

Recommended Reading

Remember how everyone was asked to recommend one book that they think everyone should read in their sign-up post? Here’s why… when you read a book that was recommended on someone’s sign-up post, you get an entry in the COYER with Friends Rafflecopter.


There will be four read-a-thons this time and every read-a-thon you participate in will earn you another entry in the COYER with Friends Rafflecopter.

  • FFS, I suffer from FOMO! December 15th – 28th
  • Honoring Lost Friends. January 5th – January 11th.
  • Buddy Read. January 19th – February 8th to buddy read a book or two.
  • Read Their Book! February 16th – February 27th.

Netgalley TBR

I’m really embarrassed about how many books I still have on my Netgalley shelf that I haven’t managed to read or review 😫 I feel so bad!!! I’m aiming to read five books (hopefully more) I just hope I don’t fall at the first hurdle!


Beard Necessities by Penny Reed

Check out my review and read the sample below.